About me

I am Merav. I live with my husband and 7 years old daughter ,Yuli,  in sunny Florida and enjoy every minute of it.

I have a degree in psychology and I am the author of the children book “A to Z finding a pet for me”.

MissYuli’sClass is all about having fun while educating at the same time. I always believed that kids, especially at the younger ages, learn most efficiently when they are playing and having fun.  I am also a strong believer that the learning process can not only  be an educational experience but also a tool to strengthen the parent-child bond.  With this in mind I developed a special technique  to educate Yuli in a fun way using imagination and her interests to encourage her to learn. Working with Yuli on the ABCs has inspired me to write the book “A to Z finding a pet for me”. I will post activities related to the book under “Letter of the week”.

In this website I will share fun educational FREE printable activities. Every activity I will share was tested and approved by Yuli, this is why I know that your child will love it too.  

Hope you will enjoy the activities and always happy to hear your feedback and your experience with educational activities.