second and third grade math multiplications by 3

Does your child hate memorizing but still needs to learn multiplication? If your child likes jumping, rhymes, memory games and other cards games this kit is the ultimate solution. This freebie consists of 4 fun activities designed to teach multiplying by 3.
How did you teach your child the multiplication table? I will love to hear in the comments what worked for you.

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In the last few month I have been working on my book “A to Z finding a pet for me“. I am so excited to say that the book will be published withing the next couple of week. Today I want to give you a peak into the book and release one of the pictures as an I-spy kind of a game for learning long and short A. The picture I have created is full of long and short A words.  Print this pic and have fun with your child identifying all the words.
The file can be downloaded here:
long and short A I-spy game

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I am excited to announce the launching of yuli’s class page. The activities that I will share on this page are inspired by the work I did with my own daughter Yuli. Yuli is 7 years old and she always challenges me to look for creative and fun activities for her education. Every activity I will share was tested and approved by Yuli, this is why I know that your child will love it too.
Kids learn most efficiently when they play and have fun. This is true for every age but especially for the younger ages. For the opening of the page I want to give all Yuli’s class visitors a gift: A game of GoFish/Quartets for teaching proper reading. This game teaches long and short vowels. Today I will share long and short E game. In the next weeks I will share the other parts of the game for other vowels.
I am looking forward to hearing which educational activities work for your kids so please share with me in the comments. If your kid likes the game I would love to hear about it too. If you want more content like this please let me know and don’t forget to like the page so that you will be notified about new contents and activities.

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