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A curious child is rarely a bored child. A to Z finding a pet for me entertains while educating at a deeper level than most ABC books. Through story, illustrations, and activities, A to Z ,teaches the alphabet while promoting creativity and fostering curiosity, a cornerstone of satisfaction and life-long learning. The catchy story unfolds with each letter of the alphabet sure that it has the perfect pet for the pet-less protagonist, who can’t seem to decide which animal to choose. The story delights with a surprise ending.

Companion illustrations extend beyond depicting the engaging story. Each picture creates an I-spy-type game, which reinforces the phonics of each letter and serves as a springboard for additional activities that are as numerous as the imagination can make them. An adult guide at the end of the book tells how to use the pictures in fun activities with the child
reader that reinforce phonetic identification of letter sounds, delve into several fields of knowledge, and introduce young children to researching what they don’t know.

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